Slow, Steady Destruction of Life’s Foundation

I caught a glimpse of a TV program last night where the man was addressing the topic of food supply. Not only does he fear we will run out of food, but he spreads his fears to others with his line of thinking. I questioned the rationale of his fear when it struck me that this and many other similar fears are products of the belief in evolution.

Though I didn't comprehend his logic at the time, I now understand Ken Ham when he said we have a serious problem on our hands if we do not defend the issue of creationism. If we do not believe that God created man in the space of six days (as is written in the Bible) as a fundamental truth, the very foundation of humanity will crumble. Do we not see this happening now?

If there is no creator God in control, if everything evolved from whatever the claim of the day is, what hope is there? In the world of evolution, there is no room for hope. We become gods who, by our actions or lack of actions, determine whether or not we run out of food and water. We determine whether or not global warming happens. We determine who has the right to live or die. We determine what is life and what is only an "embryo." The list goes on.

In this guy’s mind, if we aren’t careful to protect what we have we will run out of food. He can’t see the miracle of life producing life because God set everything in motion and will continue to produce as He commands despite the destruction men cause. While evolutionists say they believe in everything evolving and getting better, it really has the opposite effect – life will degenerate because there is no power behind it other than human power to keep in growing and flourishing. Everyone with common sense knows intuitively that if we have mankind to depend on for the progression of the universe, we are doomed. Man is not “basically good.” We would kill everything off including each other.

Not only this, but if creationism is a lie the whole of the Bible is one huge deception. How can we believe God concerning salvation and eternity if creation as a lie? Remove the stone of creation from the foundation and the entire thing crumbles.

But God did create all things and keeps everything growing and progressing. When the Bible says that God rains on the just and the unjust, He’s not talking about bad things in life. He’s saying that all good things come from God including the good that comes to those who don’t know Him or believe in Him – even to those who hate Him. Many Christians refer to this as “common grace.” It is only by God’s grace that we don’t destroy the world and each other. Sin is degenerative. Only God can sustain and keep us – ALL of us - in the midst of a sin infected world.
So, the next time you hear someone talking gloom and doom about our food supply, global warming, or any number of the day’s fear factors, do not let them destroy your life’s foundation. Remember that God created all things good and where there is God there is hope.

Thought Provoker:

If we are truly in danger of world wide food shortage, then why does the US government pay farmers to NOT farm? Why are we limited on the amount of food we are allowed to store up in a year? Why is it illegal to hunt outside of hunting season?

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