Come to the Edge

A friend shared this devotional from her former Pastor Dave Hutson and I want to share it with you. I hope it touches your heart as it did mine.
Smoky Mountains taken by
Linnette R Mullin

From Pastor Dave:

Our preschool director once shared with me a card she received from a parent of a preschooler. It was flowery and nice and had the following words;

"Come to the edge," the teacher said.

"We can’t – it’s too high!"

"Come to the edge," the teacher said.

"No!" said the children, "We might fall down!"

"Come to the edge," the teacher said.

And frightened, they slowly moved closer to the cliff.

Leaning out, they looked over the edge and saw with wonder

The beauty stretched out before them.

And the teacher pushed them off the cliff;

---and they flew!

That sounds like the mighty Wood Duck. The hen builds a nest in the knothole of a tree and hatches her eggs. When the chicks are ready, (still featherless puffballs of fluff) – she coaxes them out of the hole/nest and they float to the ground and life is off and running, or flying when the time comes. "Come to the edge."

How many times has God called you to the edge? What were the times in your life when fear paralyzed, when hope seemed to dissolve, or when all that you depended on failed and the only certainty you knew was gravity? "Come to the edge!" - or maybe – "Welcome to the edge!" It is here that the real power, love, and presence of God are made known. "The edge" is where life is transformed from the mundane to the sacred. The edge is stepping out of the boat and finding water firm. The edge is Lazarus opening his eyes. The edge is the woman who heard Jesus say, "Neither do I condemn you. Go and leave your life of sin." The edge is any time that God opens your heart in times of need. It is then that He brings peace, comfort, hope, blessings, grace, and his presence to encourage and uplift his people. Welcome to the edge – and in His power, you will fly!

Peace – Pastor Dave

Prayer; Heavenly Father, you know our fears and the times "on the edge" we face. Help us in those times to trust in your love and power. Free us from fear and make us strong in your grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

God help, guide, and bless each of us as we live our life on the edge!
~Linnette R Mullin


  1. Wow! Awesome post, Linnette! Life on the edge (aka faith) is the best way to live. I've always heard it said that if you want to walk on water you have to crawl out of the boat. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. You're welcome, Cathy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!