Don't be Afraid ...

... to walk in the light!

How can I hold my head up when I know they wonder? When I see the quizzical, skeptical look in their eyes, what do I do? I want to recoil. I want to go back to hiding inside my safe little shell. The shadows are lonely, but they feel so much safer. Nothing is more painful that to have fellow Christians doubt your sincerity and question your character even when there's nothing but false accusations to give credence to their skepticism. 

The book of 1 John has always been a favorite of mine. God brought this verse to my attention the other morning and ministered to me in such a powerful way! "Walk in the light, Linnette. Don't be afraid. Don't hide in the shadows. Just keep walking in the light as Jesus is in the light and you will have fellowship with your Christian brothers and sisters! That's a promise! Not only that, but you know all those pesky failures and the sins you fight against, repent of, and yet still feel so guilty over? The blood of Jesus has washed them clean. You don't have to try to justify yourself for I have already justified you. So, go! Stop being afraid and just walk in the light!"

What a beautiful and awesome truth! Does the weight of your circumstances or the guilt of your sin make you want to hide in the shadows? 

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