On the 4th of July

I always struggle to get clear shots of the moon when the clouds are so beautifully framing it. Tonight was no exception. I don't have a fancy camera that can capture glorious shots from such long distances - just my phone camera. This reminds me of when Paul said that though we look through a dark glass now, we will one day see Jesus face to face. Just like my camera phone can't begin to capture the glory of the moon shining through surrounding clouds, neither can my human mind see or understand God as clearly as I want and probably ought.

I've had a glorious four day weekend for the 4th of July, 2017. How I have loved just being mom and taking care of things around the house and cooking and providing for my boys and their friends. I miss being "just a mom." I ache to give my young son the nurturing part of me that I lavished on my older boys when they were growing up. I don't want to just be someone who provides for him. I want to be here for him - not just in body, but in my heart and in my thoughts. I'm weary of having a fractured mind - one that is split into so many directions that I don't have time to stop and attentively listen. However, while I cannot see clearly what God is doing any more than my camera could capture the moon tonight, I do trust and strive to trust more and more that he knows what is best for us and that he will provide all we need for life and breath in order to honor him.

Happy Independence Day!

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