Is Faith Like Dandelion Dust?

"Kelsey told me once that faith wasn't about trusting God when it was easy. Faith appeared when God seemed farthest away." 
~ from "The Shadow of Your Smile" by Susan May Warren

A dandelion is a noxious weed, ruining lawns all over America. Sure it's a pretty yellow wildflower that turns into this puffy white thing that kids like to blow all over the yard making the dandelion family abound.

Is this a picture of faith?

Life is good. God is good. Then trials or tragedy strikes. Our world is torn apart and our faith is blown to smithereens.

But is it?

Or is God using the trials to grow us and those around us?

Maybe. Just maybe, while our faith is shaken and scattered to the wind, he makes our roots grow deeper and he casts the seed of our faith to the world.

It's hard to look past the bald nub that used to be filled with life.

It's hard to not feel cast away - like when the child drops the nub, forgetting it in his awe of the dandelion dust.

It's hard to feel God's presence and love when we're trampled under foot.

Yet the rain comes. The sun shines. The roots sprout a new flower and the scattered dandelion multiplies - producing new life.

I wonder.

Does faith appear when God seems farthest away?

Does it multiply like dandelion dust?


  1. Having returned to my garden after a long absence to find I need to rent a goat to reduce the dandelion population, I will now look on these extraneous invaders with new eyes, as reminders of what faith can do, due to your blog!

  2. LOL! I'm so glad, Elizabeth! We still need to keep them out of our gardens, but it is food for thought, isn't it? :D