Too Serious...

Is there such a thing? 

There's this wonderful community I belong to. It's my writing community. I love them all dearly! 

There's my non-fiction writers who always have good stuff to say, but being fiction writer for the most part, I don't always feel like I quite fit in. 

Then, there's my fiction writers. Many are romance writers and many are SciFi, Fantasy, Suspense, Speculative... You know. All the wonderfully weird stuff. 

My Romance friends are always light-hearted and funny. My other fiction friends are, well, they're into stuff I don't even know what a lot of it is. So, once again, I feel like I don't quite fit in. 

Why? Because I'm SO, SO serious!

I enjoy funny. I enjoy light-hearted. I enjoy the wonderfully weird. Sometimes. As long as they make me laugh or stretch my imagination. 

I, however, am a fiction writer who writes serious stuff. I can be funny. Sometimes. I can be ... weird. A little. 

The point is, I often ask myself if maybe I'm too serious. Am I? Riding the waves of life is often suspenseful. Scary. Serious. But, then, it can be fun. Blessed. Happy. God gave us laughter and I do enjoy laughing. 

I enjoy fun and imaginative things. God created us this way after his own image. Yet, he also told us to be sober-minded. So, does that make my seriousness okay?

I think. Maybe.

I still find myself fighting the urge to be free in my creativity. I do. I envy my friends whose imaginations are so vibrant they make you smile and laugh and gulp at every turn. I am working to free mine. It's hard. I always wanted to avoid any appearance of being weird...


So I hid my imagination from the world. 
I stifled it rather than nurtured it. I forced myself to eat brown pellets when I should have been eating blue. 

It's a struggle to step out of my prison cave and into the vibrant jungle, but I'm trying. 
A captive writer is not a pretty sight and my self-imprisonment needs to come to and end. It's time for this blue monkey to swing. Seriously. Just the way God made me.

P.S. Be forewarned. 
If  something I write ever shocks you... 
Well, just know it IS me. 
This little Ragged Blue is breaking free!

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