Water into Wine? What's the big deal?

Here’s the formula for turning water into wine:
(John 2:1-11)

Jesus + wedding – wine + helpful mother + purification jugs + obedient servants + water + miracle = wine.

Jesus went to a wedding celebration with his mother and brothers.

They ran out of wine.

Jesus’ mother told him the groom ran out of wine for his guests.

Jesus said his time had not yet come.

Rather than respond to Jesus, Mary told the servants to obey whatever he told them to do.

Jesus instructed them to fill the water-for-purification jugs which were supposed to be used only for the ceremonial purification process.

The servants obeyed Jesus without question.

When they filled the wine glasses with the water from these jugs, the very best wine poured out.

What does this tell you? There’s some pretty amazing symbolism going on here, don’t you think?

Jesus is The Bridegroom who poured out his blood to purify those who are his. Since he is our Savior, we are to obey him rather than men or customs or any legalistic man-made rules - just as these servants did. We drink wine or grape juice (the fruit of the vine) in remembrance of him and his sacrifice for us. Someday, Jesus will return for his Bride - the Church, and we will be wed to him.

What a beautiful story of redemption in this first miracle of Jesus!

Bonus question:
Was Jesus 100% man and 100% sinless? 

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